Coro approaching Earth
U.S.S. Coronado, NCC-97901
Coro approaching Earth  The U.S.S. Coronado Simulation!     
Home Group:UCIP Internet
First Sim:August 29, 1997               
Sims to Date:   376, comprising 135 episodes
Sim Format:IRC, with frequent logs
Past Ships:1, U.S.S. Coronado, NCC-63100
(Frigate set in 2374 A.D.)
Past Groups:2, FSG and Liberty Online

The U.S.S. Coronado sim has been running for more than six years now, and will be around for a long time to come! From this section, you can review some of our past and upcoming missions, including reading teasers of upcoming missions. You can also review transcripts and sim reports for past sims. The main Coro personnel database is also here, with access to our officers' ranks, e-mail addresses, and promotions and other recognitions! You can also review support information for the sim, from our sim manual to information on accessing our list servers and IRC channels. We even have a Java IRC client that you can use to connect over the web. Finally, you can also check out UCIP and other news of interest to Coro simmers!

Whether you're a current officer aboard Coronado, or just thinking about becoming one, you'll find the information available from here very valuable. Take a moment to check our schedule and manual, make yourself familiar with the other players, or if you're an experienced simmer, find out what's different about us!

You can review the following Coronado information sources from here:

  • Mission: From here, you can check Coro's latest mission, including mission reports and teasers. You can also review the schedule of upcoming sims, as well as tentative information (teasers) about what the future sims will be about. Also listed are the servers and channels that Coronado uses...
  • Officers: This is the basic crew roster, listing each officer aboard the ship with their position on Coronado, along with their usual IRC nickname and e-mail address for crew contact purposes. Also included is the ship's chain of command information, as well as honors and promotions received by Coronado crew members singly, or the entire crew as a group!
  • Past Sims: This section is the past analogue to the "Mission" section. From here, you can review transcripts and mission reports for past Coronado sims and catch up with any mission that you might not have been present to experience! Remember to check the Logs section for crew reports of past Coro sims!
  • History: This section of the site contains a timeline of past Coronado sims, as well as important facts in the ship's past that either relate to later sims or to the senior officers and staff. This is a good section to review to bring yourself up to date with the ship's adventures!
  • Support: The Coronado support system includes some features that make our simming environment a little more fun or convenient! For instance, if the Coronado experience happens for you in silence, you're missing a big part of the fun -- the sound packs can be downloaded here. This section also includes information on our e-mail listserver, and access to our Java IRC client!
  • Manual: The Simulations Manual is basic training for any Coronado officer. Even if you're an experienced simmer, if you're not an UCIP member, you should probably review this information to determine what differences our policies might have with the ones you're used to. Even above and beyond the basic information and training given to all UCIP officers, however, Coronado has many systems and procedures that are unique to our vessel. Every ship's officer is required to be familiar with all of these special procedures!

By selecting one of the items at the top of your PADD, you can access the information referenced above. If you're interested in joining the crew of U.S.S. Coronado, you are strongly encouraged to review this material, and be familiar with it, along with the ship's specifications and officer bios.

Once you're done here, tap the Return key at the bottom of your PADD, and you will be returned to the index.

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Logs for this week's mission!
Coronado's Crew
Meet the finest crew in the United Federation of Planets Starfleet!

U.S.S. Coronado, NCC-97901
The U.S.S. Coronado sim has been around for six years plus... and will be around for many to come! Sign up today!

Admiral Andrew Bergen Award (Three)Orion Award (Repeat)
Fleet Unit Citation (Repeat)Defender of Coronado (See Below)F-K-R War Unit CitationInsurrection Unit Citation
Nova Cross for Merit Unit AwardHorizon Unit Award (Repeat)Eclipse Unit Award (Repeat)Unit Fleet Achievement Medal
The Coronado sim has been recognized for achievement fifteen times by the UCIP Command Staff, including the Bergen Award for Excellence... three times in a row!

Sword of Jacob Arnath
Over the years that Coro has simmed, some of our simmers become more than regulars... they become family. We call this elite class of simmers the Order of the Defenders of Coronado.

The U.S.S. Coronado model was created by Ryan McClure. The Katana class design was created by Rick Sternbach, and appeared in the ST:TNG Technical Manual. It was modified for U.S.S. Coronado by Mark Kingsnorth, Fraser Deziel, and Ryan McClure. Reproduction or use of Coronado images in any form is strictly prohibited without the prior written authorization of the site author and digital modeller per this site's terms of use.

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