Visigoth, Arian
Overview and History

Vehicle Specifications   General Stats
Name: Visigoth, Arian   Threat Value: 1,251
Vehicle Type: Tank   Offensive Value: 2,292
Production Type: Mass Produced   Defensive Value: 641
Cost: 529,269.23 dinars   Miscellaneous Value: 819
Manufacturer: Republican Tank Arsenal   Size: 13
Use: Deep Strike   Original Default Size: 11
Height: 4.73 meters   Indv. Lemon Dice: 3
Length: 9.23 meters   Crew: 2
Width: 6.00 meters   Bonus Actions: 1
Avg. Armor Thickness: 325mm
Armor Material: Armorplast   Armor
Standard Op. Weight: 52,200 kg   Light Damage: 40
Primary Move Mode: Ground (54 kph)   Heavy Damage: 80
Secondary Move Mode: ( kph)   Overkill: 120
Deployment Range: 310 km
Sensor Range: 5 km   Vehicle Availability
Communication Range: 30 km   Availability Threshhold: 7
Powerplant: Electric (x4) / Turbine (x2)   Max Number on Field: 3
Engine Output: 500hp (x4) / 1000hp (x2)  
Electronics   Primary Move Mode: Ground
Sensors: +1   Combat Speed: 5
Communications: 0   Top Speed: 9
Fire Control: 0   Secondary Move Mode:
    Combat Speed:
    Top Speed:
    Maneuver: -3

Quantity Name Code Arc ACC Damage Range ROF Ammo Special
 Medium Artillery Gun
 AE1, MR15, IF, Snpr
 Medium Anti-Air. Cannon

Name Rating Game Effects AUX
 Acts as Level 1 Pilot
 Backup Communications
 Absorbs first "Communications" hit
 Backup Sensors
 Absorbs first "Sensors" hit
 HEAT Resistant Armor
 Add to base armor vs HEAT weapons
 HEP: Desert
 Pintle Mount
 Can hold one infantry weapon
 Rugged Movement System
 Absorbs first "Movement" hit
 Smoke Launcher
 10 shots
 Sniper System
 +1 to long and Extreme rolls for MAG
Name Rating Game Effects
 Large Sensor Profile
 Subtract rating from Concealment
 Sensor Dependent
 Must rely on sensors in combat
Name Rating Game Effects

There are no variants.

Designer Notes
The Arian, like the Vandal on which it is based, is the proverbial "big gun" unit. Designed to provide heavy tactical artillery support, it is based on the chassis of the Visigoth main battle tank. Both vehicles share the same engine and drive train, allowing for simplified maintenance in the field. The driver is seated forward in the hull while the system operator sits in the rear, just under and forward of the missile launcher. The turret has been removed and replaced a massive smoothbore artillery cannon. The Arian is somewhat vulnerable to up-close attacks, however, carrying only an anti-air autocannon for close range defense and defense against air attack. This is usually not a problem because the Arian operates far form the action. It is usually found parked at the extreme limit of the combat zone, its crew ever attentive to requests from the forward observers. The Arian is currently only found in the ranks of the Southern Republican Army.