Elan, Observer
Overview and History

Vehicle Specifications   General Stats
Name: Elan, Observer   Threat Value: 60
Vehicle Type: ATV   Offensive Value: 0
Production Type: Mass Produced   Defensive Value: 41
Cost: 30,000.00 dinars   Miscellaneous Value: 137
Manufacturer: Various   Size: 4
Use: All-Purpose   Original Default Size: 4
Height: 2.13 meters   Indv. Lemon Dice: 3
Length: 3.96 meters   Crew: 1
Width: 3.71 meters   Bonus Actions: 0
Avg. Armor Thickness: 6mm
Armor Material: Durasheet   Armor
Standard Op. Weight: 1630 kg   Light Damage: 5
Primary Move Mode: Ground (132 kph)   Heavy Damage: 10
Secondary Move Mode: ( kph)   Overkill: 15
Deployment Range: 575 km
Sensor Range: 0 km   Vehicle Availability
Communication Range: 15 km   Availability Threshhold: 1
Powerplant: Electric (x4)   Max Number on Field: unlimited
Engine Output: 90hp (x4)  
Electronics   Primary Move Mode: Ground
Sensors: -5   Combat Speed: 11
Communications: 0   Top Speed: 22
Fire Control: -3   Secondary Move Mode:
    Combat Speed:
    Top Speed:
    Maneuver: -1

Quantity Name Code Arc ACC Damage Range ROF Ammo Special

Name Rating Game Effects AUX
 HEP: Desert
 Passenger Seating
 Seats for 4 passengers
 FF Arc; Rating times 50 meters
Name Rating Game Effects
 Exposed Crew Compartment
 "Crew" hits are one step worse
 No Sensors
 Cannot perform Active Sensor checks
Name Rating Game Effects

There are no variants.

Designer Notes
The Elan is a derivative of the Rover 12 jeep, a throwback to the late colonial days of Terra Nova. The Rover 12 had thinner tires and a less aerodynamic frame, obviously a vehicle which had not been designed for the rigors of the desert. This typical Earth design was abandoned when the Southern Republic decided it needed a true desert vehicle capable of sustaining damage and surviving the difficult Terranovan conditions. Several designs were proposed, but the Elan won the contest by a strong margin. Its slick appearance was not the main reason for its success; rather, it was simply an extremely versatile vehicle, with great potential for variants and capable of handling almost any terrain. The vehicle was developed for Octopus Motorworks and first fitted with a small fuel engine which was later replaced by the standard four-wheel electric motors. Octopus Motorworks was later absorbed into Republican Heavy Industries. The Elan design yielded substantial amounts in royalties before a drop in sales forced RHI to start production of a civilian model (named Elegant). This high-price classy black vehicle earned the award for Hottest Car two cycles in a row (TN 1805 and 1806) and became a chassis that is still in use to this day.