Overview and History

Vehicle Specifications   General Stats
Name: Dak   Threat Value: 756
Vehicle Type: Helicopter   Offensive Value: 1,768
Production Type: Mass Produced   Defensive Value: 378
Cost: 486,000.00 marks   Miscellaneous Value: 122
Manufacturer: Applefish   Size: 7
Use: Light Attack/Recon   Original Default Size: 9
Height: 3.0 meters   Indv. Lemon Dice: 3
Length: 7.5 meters   Crew: 2
Width: 1.4 meters   Bonus Actions: 1
Avg. Armor Thickness: 8mm
Armor Material: Composites   Armor
Standard Op. Weight: 1500 kg   Light Damage: 10
Primary Move Mode: Flight (310 kph)   Heavy Damage: 20
Secondary Move Mode: ( kph)   Overkill: 30
Deployment Range: 430 km
Sensor Range: 3 km   Vehicle Availability
Communication Range: 20 km   Availability Threshhold: 5
Powerplant: Turbine & Superconducting Coil   Max Number on Field: 6
Engine Output: 650hp  
Electronics   Primary Move Mode: Flight
Sensors: +1   Combat Speed: 5
Communications: 0   Top Speed: 10
Fire Control: +1   Secondary Move Mode:
    Combat Speed:
    Top Speed:
    Maneuver: -1

Quantity Name Code Arc ACC Damage Range ROF Ammo Special
 Light Autocannon
 Light Machine Gun
 Medium Rocket Pack/9

Name Rating Game Effects AUX
 Acts as Level 1 Pilot
 Chaff/Flare Dispenser
 20 shots
 Ejection System
 Crew can survive Overkill result
 HEP: Desert
 NOE Flyer
 Allows aircraft to fly at very low altitude levels
 Tool Arm
 Cannot punch
Name Rating Game Effects
 Can Not Glide
 Can not gain lift without thrust
 Exposed Movement System
 "Movement" hits are one step worse
 Maximum Ceiling
 Can not climb past a specified altitude.
Name Rating Game Effects

There are no variants.

Designer Notes