Badger, Covert
Overview and History

Vehicle Specifications   General Stats
Name: Badger, Covert   Threat Value: 287
Vehicle Type: APC   Offensive Value: 406
Production Type: Mass Produced   Defensive Value: 69
Cost: 125,562.50 marks   Miscellaneous Value: 385
Manufacturer: Shaian Mechanics   Size: 8
Use: Troop Transport   Original Default Size: 7
Height: 2.37 meters   Indv. Lemon Dice: 3
Length: 7.82 meters   Crew: 2
Width: 2.61 meters   Bonus Actions: 1
Avg. Armor Thickness: 28mm
Armor Material: Ceramic   Armor
Standard Op. Weight: 12,627 kg   Light Damage: 12
Primary Move Mode: Ground (120 kph)   Heavy Damage: 24
Secondary Move Mode: ( kph)   Overkill: 36
Deployment Range: 560 km
Sensor Range: 2 km   Vehicle Availability
Communication Range: 10 km   Availability Threshhold: 5
Powerplant: Gas Turbine / Electric (x4)   Max Number on Field: 5
Engine Output: 150hp / 300hp (x4)  
Electronics   Primary Move Mode: Ground
Sensors: 0   Combat Speed: 10
Communications: 0   Top Speed: 20
Fire Control: 0   Secondary Move Mode:
    Combat Speed:
    Top Speed:
    Maneuver: -3

Quantity Name Code Arc ACC Damage Range ROF Ammo Special
 Light Autocannon

Name Rating Game Effects AUX
 HEP: Desert
 Passenger Seating
 Seats for 20 passengers
 Reinforced Crew Compartment
 Absorbs first "Crew" hit
 Add rating to Concealment
 Offensive Electronic Warfare equipment
Name Rating Game Effects
 Exposed Fire Control Systems
 "Fire Control" hits are one step worse
Name Rating Game Effects

There are no variants.

Designer Notes
The Badger is typical of Armored Personnel Carriers used by the armies of the Confederated Northern City States. It was first introduced in the CNCS in TN 1799 as a replacement to the Mongoose line, which had become too obsolete on the battlefield to be reliable. Its sturdy eight-wheeled design can transport up to twenty fully equipped troopers to battle through almost any terrain. The Badger is powered by four axial electric engines connected to banks of superconducting batteries. A front-mounted ceramic IC engine constantly recharges them and can also be used for extra power. This gives the Badger greater autonomy, allowing it to travel through the Badlands desert without having to worry about being jammed in the sand or having no heated shelter during the night. The driver and passenger sections have been specially reinforced to withstand greater damage and to protect its crew. This has had a positive impact on morale, and soldiers who have to spend any amount of time in Badgers are grateful for the extra protection.